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True diversity is not only described as differences in individual backgrounds, personal identities, political affiliations, intellectual approaches and demographics. It is rooted also in the removal of barriers for marginalized groups and in the creation of spaces and opportunities that allow individuals to engage in the full life of the University.

Sam Houston State University is committed to promoting a campus culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. This is accomplished through proactive assessment of policies and operational strategies, as well as program implementation that strives to remove institutional barriers to recruit and retain a diverse university community with intersectional perspectives. Furthermore, the University acknowledges and values our responsibility to cultivate an equitable and inclusive environment where students, faculty, staff, and community recognize the benefits of collaboration and mutual respect through diverse identities and experiences.

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Report Discrimination

If you or someone you know is experiencing any behavior not consistent with SHSU policies relating to equal opportunity, diversity, or inclusion, please submit a report.


Get Involved

Join Not On My Campus, a student organization promoting acts of inclusiveness at SHSU.

Not on My Campus

Be Informed

Increase your knowledge and awareness of concepts related to diversity, equity & inclusion.


Stay Informed

Our newsletter, Diversity Digest, features everything from national data on diversity to coverage of campus sponsored events and activities.

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About us

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion embraces diverse backgrounds and experiences, assesses equity and equal opportunities, and encourages an intentionally inclusive learning, living, and working environment at Sam Houston State University. We create, facilitate, manage and coordinate university policies and procedures related to discrimination, diversity, equity, and inclusion, promote access and equal opportunity, and strives to be the clearinghouse for intentional inclusive practices that aid the university community in celebrating our differences while embracing our similarities.