Students of Concern



One of the many positive factors about being part of the SHSU Community is that many students, faculty, and staff know each other on a first name basis. At some point you may encounter a situation in which a student you know is displaying concerning behavior. These students may be observed in a number of settings such as the classroom, residence hall, at an on campus job or participating in an extracurricular activity. By making us aware of these students that are exhibiting behaviors of concern, members of the Students of Concern (SOC) Team are able to proactively reach out to these students by developing a plan to intervene, providing  support and connecting them with resources that can assist them.

Each situation is unique and involves responding to the specific needs demonstrated by the student in question. The Students of Concern Team does not replace faculty classroom management, the University Judicial process, and/or Public Safety Services (UPD) responses to incidents involving students who demonstrate that they are an immediate danger to themselves or others. 

Assistance and Consultation 

If faculty, staff or students need more information about the SOC Team or desire consultation regarding a specific situation or individual student they are asked to contact the Dean of Students directly at 936-294-1783 or via email at

Team Membership

Members of the Students of Concern (SOC) Team have completed special training and meet weekly during the academic year. Team members are pledged to confidentiality and are able to be entrusted with highly confidential information. The members of the SHSU SOC Team include: 

  • Dean of Students (Serves as Team Leader) 
  • Director of Counseling Center 
  • Director of Health Center 
  • Public Safety Services (UPD) Officer 
  • Counseling Center Case Manager 
  • Associate Dean of Students 
  • Residence Life staff member 
  • SAM Center staff member