Raven Scholars

Raven Scholars of Sam Houston


Raven Scholars is an exclusive award program dedicated to honoring outstanding upperclassmen and graduate students at Sam Houston State University. The purpose of the Raven Scholars program is to recognize our top students who have achieved academic success as well as integrated campus life, service, and leadership into their college career. This is a brand new SHSU award program, taking the place of our previously used Who's Who Among Students national program. An annual award banquet will be held each spring to distinguish these exemplary students, where they will individually receive a certificate and a gift.

For a student to be eligible for Raven Scholars, he or she

•  Must be nominated by a University faculty, staff, or registered student organization president

•  Must have a SHSU GPA of 3.00 or higher

•  Must be currently enrolled for at least 12 hours at SHSU

•  Must be classified as at least a Junior standing by the beginning of the semester nominations are conducted

•  Transfer students must have at least 2 long semesters at SHSU for a total of 30 semester hours

•  Graduate students must have an undergraduate degree from SHSU or have completed 18 hours at SHSU and be presently enrolled for 9 hours (an  exception should be made for assistant instructors who are teaching a full load of 6 hours and enrolled in 6 hours)

2018 Raven Scholars

Sierrah Adams
Kemi Alabi
Megan Alexander
Kimberly Anderson
Sydney Armatta
Whitney Arnic
Lorenzo Baeza
Taylor Bailey
Cassandra Bailey
Amy Barajas
Serena Barbieri
Justin Bateman
Hali Behrens-Russell
Nazym Bexeitova
Matthew Bills
Jenifer Brewer
Naomi Broussard
Ibeth Caceres
Destiny Caldwell
Briana Campbell
Rachel Cascio
Dorie Chen
Kelly Clipper
Stephanie Cruz
Juan Cuevas
Halie Daniel
Alleshea Daniel
Emily Davis
Victoria De Renzo
Zachary Dickens
Sara Jane Diehl

Nhi Di
Alexander Dodd
Lauren Duncan
Loren Eichman
Kailyn Evans

 Allison Faith
Alicia Fernandez
Brooke Gatley
Dorcie Ann Gillette
Emily Gordon
Bailey Gordon
Kristen Gustafson
Mark Hammel

Cassidy Harkins
Allison Harsy
Chelsea Henderson
Tri Keah Henry
David Johnson
Lorenzo Johnson
Tyler Josefsen Lanham
Bailey Anne Kaytar
Robyn Key
Rosemary Krenek
Stacy Lagrone
Raynie Leard
Rachel Lechmann
Samantha Lee

Mikayla Lester
Chia Chi Liu

Peiting Liu
Jennifer Lopez

Meredith Mann

Makayla Mason
Jacquelin Mata

Kayla McCarns
Patricia McCourt
Andrew Miller
Callie Mixon
Hannah Morris
Destinee Morton
Agustina Musso Core
Samson Ndukwe
Allison Nichols
Megan O’Brien
Jazmin Palacios
Kalie Parker
Emery Paul
Jenna Phillips
Georgia Pilling
Brittany Prewitt
Bailey Ringo
Jaclyn Robinson

Jocelynn Robinson
Courtney Rosenbalm
Kelsey Rosenbaum

Carlee Sachs-Krook

Kellie Spears
Stacy Spell
Samantha Taylor
Vanessa Ullauri
Jesica Vazquez
Abigail Ventress

Olivia Villanueva

Rebecca Walla
Danielle Watley
Briana Weaver
Justin Whitaker
Jonathan Woody
Jessica Wright
Brooklyn Young

For more information about the Raven Scholars Program, please contact the Office of Student Engagement & Retention.

Email: engage@shsu.edu

Phone: (936) 294-2714