Outline of Protocol

Note: This outline is intended to provide general guidance regarding the protocols and procedures to be used in the event of a crisis involving a student of concern.  Variations may occur in response to the specific situation.

  1. SHSU PD is notified of the crisis.
  2. SHSU PD notifies the Dean of Students or his designee, who coordinates notification of responders and utilizes the Emergency Communication Flow Chart (Category 0 Level 1).
    1. The Dean of Students or his designee arrives on site, consults with UPD and/or other officials and any other on-site staff, and assesses immediate needs including safety and security issues and counseling needs.
    2. As a situation warrants, the Dean of Students calls the entire Students of Concern Team or selected Team members and asks them to report to a designated location. The Students of Concern Team and any affected students’ academic advisors or Student Services staff members are notified as soon as possible after the incident, if there is not a need for an emergency meeting of the entire Team.
    3. When needed, the Dean of Students selects an on-site coordinator in consultation with the individual responsible for the area; e.g., Director of Residence Life/Resident Manager for the Residence Halls. If necessary, a command post may be established away from the crisis site to coordinate and facilitate information gathering and dissemination.
  3. The Dean of Students or his designee as needed contacts the family on behalf of the University. (This may be the family’s first notification or a follow-up if the police or other appropriate official has made contact.)
  4. As the situation warrants the Dean of Students meets with a Public Relations designee for assistance in drafting appropriate written documents such as emergency notifications or press releases.
  5. he Dean of Students or his designee will work with the family to arrange their visit to campus. The Dean meets with them and may serve as their official escort while on campus or in Huntsville, as appropriate.
  6. The Dean of Students may assist family members and/or students in the coordination of a memorial service to be held if a student’s death is involved.
  7. Students of Concern Team meets as needed to de-brief and plan appropriate follow-up programs, activities.
  8. A Student Welfare Concern Checklist form is completed and filed in the Student of Concern’s folder.