Risk Management Guidelines

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  1. General

    Every student organization no matter how large or small inherently possesses exposure to risk and safety concerns. Therefore the purpose of this policy is to assist in creating a safe environment where students, faculty and staff members can enjoy the benefits of membership, affiliation and participation in the activities and events of recognized Sam Houston State University student organizations.

  2. Review

    These guidelines shall be reviewed annually by the Department of Leadership Initiatives and Dean of Students' Office.

  3. Guidelines

    These guidelines shall apply to all student organizations and their members at Sam Houston State University. All student organization members, officers, advisors, and affiliated persons should emphasize safety during all club/organization related activities.

  4. Social Events
    1. A social event is defined as any event or activity sponsored by any organization whose primary purpose is social or to provide entertainment to their members, alumni, university community, or other guests. This includes but is not limited to concerts, lip syncs, step shows, and parties/dances.
    2. All social events are categorized by event level/type. Student organizations hosting social events must follow the requirements for the designated event level/type:
    3. Event Registration

      All student organizations are strongly encouraged to register all social events with the Department of Leadership Initiatives. Any student organization hosting a major event (estimated attendance over 500) or an event where alcohol will be present must complete the "Event Notification Form" and submit it to the Department of Leadership Initiatives at least 14 business days prior to the event. Student organizations hosting events categorized as Event Levels 3 or 4 held at an off-campus venue must submit an "Off-Campus Event Request Form" to the Dean of Students' Office at least 30 days prior to the event. Authorization is required to proceed with event and all off-campus approvals will be at the discretion of the Dean of Students' Office.

    4. No student organization shall host/ sponsor ANY open party where alcohol is present.
    5. All damages to any premises as a result of an event are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
    6. Security

      Student organizations are required to ensure the safety of their members and guests. University Police will provide security at social events/ parties on campus. Huntsville Police Department, a Walker County law enforcement department or some other bonded agency (must be approved by the Dean of Students’ Office) will be required for security at any off-campus venue. Determination of number officers at the events is based on the size, nature, location, and past history of the event.

    7. Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, fighting, illegal consumption of drugs/alcohol, weapons, or property damage will not be tolerated and the continuation of the event will be at the discretion of the university police, staff, facility manager, or sponsoring organization (depending on severity). All members of the sponsoring organization and guests at the event must adhere to all policies set forth in the SHSU Student Guidelines and Code of Conduct as well as abide by state law, local codes, and inter/national requirements.
  5. Alcohol and Drugs
    1. The possession, use, sale or consumption of Alcoholic Beverages during formal or informal organization events, or any activity (it is considered a Sam Houston State University event or activity if an observer would reasonably associate the event or activity with the organization) or situation sponsored, coordinated, endorsed, or associated by or with the organization must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws and policies of the State of Texas, Walker County, City of Huntsville, Sam Houston State University and The Texas State University System.
    2. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common source containers of alcoholic beverages, (e.g. kegs, cases of beer, alcoholic punch, etc.) is prohibited at all events or activities.
    3. All social events where alcohol is involved must be served by a licensed insured Third Party Vendor, and have appropriate security on the premises
    4. Purchasing alcohol with organization funds is prohibited.
    5. No organization members, collectively or individually, shall serve to, purchase for, or sell alcoholic beverages to any persons under 21 years of age.
    6. Open parties (not located at a third party vendor or those events with unrestricted access to the public without specific invitation) where alcohol is present, are strictly prohibited.
    7. No organization may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of its annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present.
    8. No organization may co-sponsor or co-finance an event where alcohol is purchased by either of the host organizations or groups.
    9. No organization or its members shall permit, encourage, tolerate, or participate in drinking games involving alcoholic beverages.
    10. The possession, use, or sale of any ILLEGAL DRUGS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES at any organization event or any activity that an observer would reasonably associate with the organization is strictly prohibited.
  6. Hazing
    1. No student organization, its members or affiliates shall conduct or condone hazing activities.
    2. All organizations and their leaders shall review annually the Hazing Act passed by the State Legislature, 1987. This Act is fully enumerated in the "Student Guidelines" of Sam Houston State University and binding on all student organizations, their members and affiliates
  7. Sexual Abuse and Harassment
    1. No student organization should condone or tolerate any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members or affiliates, whether physical, mental or emotional. This includes any actions that are demeaning to women or men including but not limited to date rape, gang rape, sexual assault, verbal harassment or threats.
    2. All organizations and their leaders shall review annually the University’s policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. These policies are found in "Student Guidelines" of Sam Houston State University and binding on all student organizations, its members and affiliates
  8. Travel

    All members of student organizations traveling in representation of SHSU should follow all safety and emergency procedures as established by the club/organizations advisor and university officials. Any accidents or incidents should be reported to the appropriate university official within 24 hours after the occurrence. Emergencies should be reported to the University Police Department at (936) 294-1794. This number is monitored 24 hours a day.

  9. Education and Review

    Each student organization should annually educate and review with its officers, members and affiliates the Student Organization Risk Management Guidelines of Sam Houston State University. These Risk Management Guidelines are made available in the Dean of Students’ Office and Leadership Initiatives and reprinted in “Student Guidelines.” Copies should be obtained and distributed to all advisors, officers, members and affiliates before the start of classes each semester.

  10. Violations

    The Dean of Students Office may review, investigate and adjudicate possible violations of the Risk Management Guidelines or Code of Student Conduct by any organization, its members or affiliates. The procedures and sanctions for violations may be found in the SHSU Student Guidelines.

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