Publications of Student Groups

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The university affirms its position that freedom of expression, as well as inquiry, is essential to a student’s educational development. Vigorous intellectual explorations by students may sometimes result in questioning of popular conceptions, and this in turn, may elicit the concern of society at large. One of the axioms upon which our nation was built, however, is that truth needs no protection, but is vital by vigorous debate in a market place where all ideas can be presented and then tested by the reason of free people.

Publications of student groups are encouraged on the campus of Sam Houston State University. However, freedom of inquiry and expression does not confer an absolute right that would give immunity to every possible use of language. Sam Houston State University expects its students to observe the standards of propriety and good judgement in the exercise of such freedom. Students may publish and distribute free material that is not libelous or obscene or that does not promote or encourage the violation of law of the state of Texas or the United States or the disruption of the university’s academic process.

Literature may not be distributed where the manner or form of said distribution constitutes disorderly conduct, disrupts classroom discussion, impedes the maintenance of public order, or constitutes a danger to the person disseminating the material or to any other group or individual.

In order to promote and protect the right of privacy, the distribution of literature or circulation of petitions will not be allowed to captive audiences such as in the classroom buildings, in study areas, or in residential units of the university.

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