Student Grievance Procedures

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A grievance may arise out of a decision or action reached or taken in the course of official duty by a member of the faculty, staff, administration, or student of Sam Houston State University. A grievable action is defined below. The purpose of the grievance procedures is to provide a process for an impartial review and to ensure that the rights of students are properly recognized and protected.

Students with academic grievances are directed to the Academic Grievance Procedures located in the Sam Houston State University Undergraduate Catalog.

Retaliation for filing a grievance will not be tolerated.

Definitions of Grievable Actions
A grievable action is an action that:

  1. Is in violation of written campus policies or procedures, or
  2. Constitutes arbitrary, capricious, or unequal application of written campus policies or procedures.

The Dean of Students’ Office provides Student Grievance Services to address concerns of currently enrolled SHSU students. The function of this service is to personally assist students in achieving satisfactory resolutions to university related challenges listed above. Additionally, the Dean of Students Office makes referrals to appropriate campus departments/offices when necessary

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