Student Computer Use Policy

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All students, full or part-time, are granted permission to use the computing resources of the university. The use of these systems is governed by the following rules and any violation of these rules may result in disciplinary actions as well as possible legal actions.

The permission for use is granted to each student by Sam Houston State University for non-commercial use of the computing and communications facilities and services of the university, including its computer systems, associated peripherals and files, telephone and network access, and all university microcomputers, according to the terms described herein.

This permission extends to the use of licensed software according to the regulations set forth herein by Sam Houston State University for the use of such software. The student use of such software is governed by the terms of licensing agreements between the university and the software licensors, and the student must abide by the terms of those agreements. These software programs are proprietary and may, therefore, be subject to copyright or patent restrictions as defined in the license agreements. Students must not copy, disclose, transfer, or remove any proprietary programs from the media on which this software resides. Students must not use Sam Houston State University equipment or software to violate the terms of any software license agreement. Information on specific software licenses on all public computer systems can be obtained from the university Computer Services Department or other appropriate department.

Students must not use Sam Houston State University’s computer systems, including any of its communications facilities and services, in any way which deliberately diminishes or interferes with the reasonable and private use of any computer systems, or which is intended to do same. Sam Houston State University retains the right to inspect and/or remove, when necessary, as a function of responsible system management, all disk files stored on the university computing facilities.

Upon violation or misuse of the computing facilities at Sam Houston State University, the university retains the right to deny future computing privileges at all university-owned computing facilities. In addition any student found in violation may also be subject to further disciplinary action, as well as legal action under Section 1, Title 7, Chapter 33 of the Texas Penal Code, as well as legal action by the owners and licensors of proprietary software for violation of copyright laws and licenser agreements.

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