Greek Life Philanthropy/Donations

Information on philanthropy and donations given and received will be collected on a rolling basis, and compiled at the end of each semester in an effort to show the significant impact of involvement that SHSU fraternities and sororities have on campus, as well as in the community. By collecting this data, the Greek Life Office is able to track the total amount of money and goods Greek Life students give back.

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Philanthropy/Donation Information

Money—Sponsoring organization gets full credit for all money donated (money raised minus expenses) to the philanthropic cause. ORGANIZATIONS MAKING MONETARY DONATIONS TO ANOTHER GROUP'S PHILANTHROPIC EVENT DO NOT GET CREDIT!
Examples: $1000 donated to the YMCA by ΑΦΑ = $1000 credit for ΑΦA
$40 entry fee paid by ΠΚΑ to participate in ΑΦΑ event = $0 for ΠΚΑ

Material Goods—Sponsoring organization gets full credit for all material goods donated to the philanthropic cause. ORGANIZATIONS MAKING MATERIAL DONATIONS TO ANOTHER ORGANIZATION'S PHILANTHROPIC EVENT DO NO GET CREDIT!
Clothing Items Donation Worth- Itemized list from chapter and/or donation center must accompany this form. Photos may also be used if itemized list is not available.

Examples: 12,000 items of food collected by TKE = Credit for TKE
75 items collected by ZTA for KA philanthropy = no credit for ZTA, but credit for KA
Shoes= $5 a pair, T-Shirt= $.50 each, Dress Shirt= $1, Pants/Skirts=$2 each, Suits= $10, Sweaters=$5,
Jackets=$7, Specialty Items like Prom Dresses & etc. prices will be determined by Greek Life Staff