Recruitment Tips for Potential New Members

Where to learn more about Sorority Recruitment

  1. Passport to Sam events at Orientation. Look for the Panhellenic table!
  2. Orientation Greek Life breakout sessions on Friday mornings.
  3. Sneak Peek to Greek on Sunday, August 20th at the Lowman Student Center Ballroom.

How to Choose the Right Sorority For You

  1. Choosing a sorority is one of your most important decisions. Be sure to choose your preference on your own good judgment, not an opinion or advice offered by friends.
  2. Choose a sorority in which you feel at ease and comfortable.
  3. Choose a sorority whose members have a wide variety of interests.
  4. Choose a group with which you feel you could work hard and congenially on the solution of its projects and problems.
  5. Choose with the knowledge that a sorority is a lasting decision, you want to be proud of the company you keep.

Before you meet the sororities, take some time to look over these tips:

  1. BE YOURSELF...not who you think sororities are looking for. They want individuals who can add to the dimensions of their group.
  2. Make your own choices...don't go to only the groups approved by your friends or family. Each sorority has something exciting in store for you!
  3. Dress to please will feel more at ease.
  4. Look for sororities genuinely interested in you…not because of your family, friends, or hometown.
  5. Enjoy yourself!

Remember to...

  1. Ask a lot of questions about the individual sororities and what they have to offer you
  2. Keep an open mind at all times. You may not be familiar with all the sororities, so take the time to learn; it may be worth it. Remember that first impressions are not always accurate!
  3. Be on time to all events, you do not want to miss out on all the fun!
  4. Tell the sorority members all about yourself, interests, major, hometown, anything else you are proud of and like to do. They are excited to meet you, so do not leave anything out!
  5. Have fun and make new friends!