Registration Fee Information

Registration fee includes:

  • Snacks
  • Various Group Events
  • Recruitment Operation Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When is Recruitment?

Recruitment is generally held during the first week of school. This year the dates are August 19-23, 2020.


2. How much is Recruitment?

Registration will cost $45. 


3. Do we have to visit all the chapters?

Yes, the first days of recruitment are designed this way because we want you to meet all the women who make up the Panhellenic family.  After you join the sorority of your choice we are all still connected as Greek sisters.


4. Do I have to have a certain amount of college credit before going through recruitment?

No, there is no minimum of hours required to join a Panhellenic chapter.


5. Do I need to have recommendation letters?

The SHSU Panhellenic Association does not require references or recommendations.  However, if you do want to submit one, you can mail it to the Dean of Students Office, or to the Recruitment Director at : 

c/o Panhellenic Association, Recruitment   

Lowman Student Center Ste 316   

Box 2508  

Huntsville, TX 77341-2508


6. Is there a GPA requirement?

The Greek Life office at Sam Houston State University requires that students have an overall GPA of a 2.6 to join a Greek organization (this does include college courses taken/ transferred in high school). GPA requirements may vary by Panhellenic chapter. 


7. What are chapter dues for a New Member? Active?

All organizations have different dues, but you can expect New Members dues to be between $600-$1000, and Active dues between $400-$600 per semester.


8. If I’m not sure about recruitment right now, can I join in the Spring?

Spring recruitment is determined by the success of Fall Recruitment, so we may or may not have Spring Recruitment.  You can contact Panhellenic through the Greek Life Office to find more about this process.


9. Do the sororities have houses? Do I have to live in the house?

There are no longer houses on campus designated for Panhellenic sororities. 


10. Can I still join if I am involved in other organizations?

Panhellenic women are involved in many other organizations at the University. We encourage involvement and learning to effectively manage our time and how to excel in all fields.


11. Should I sign up for recruitment if I am not sure if sorority life is for me?

Yes, going through the recruitment process allows many opportunities to meet and get to know many great women, as well as learn more about different events held at Sam Houston State University.


12. How long is the new member process?

Depending on the chapter, the new member period will be between 6-8 weeks.


13. What if I am a legacy?

The chapters will be informed, but you will still go through the whole recruitment process so that you are able to meet all the women in each chapter.


14. Do sororities haze?

No, every Panhellenic sorority at SHSU follows a zero tolerance for hazing policy. We educate our members on the SHSU Hazing policies, as well as the State of Texas policies.


For any other questions you may have, please email