Dear SHSU Student,

There are many new opportunities you will be exposed to once you move to Huntsville for your first year at Sam Houston State University. Each of these offers an experience from which you can grow and learn something outside of your regular school curriculum. All of these have their benefits, but none offers the same substantial and wide-ranging experience as becoming part of the Greek Community. There is no better way to develop your character, become an avid part of the campus community, and have some fun in the process than by becoming a Greek man.

Please take time to view this website and learn why joining a fraternity might be the best decision you make while in college. Information on each fraternity chapter and the Greek System are thoroughly depicted throughout this site. Please note that any interested students must have a 2.6 cumulative grade point average to join any fraternity in the Interfraternity Council per Greek Life Office policy.

There are currently 12 fraternities recognized by IFC at SHSU. Each chapter provides you with the opportunity to be involved in a brotherhood nationally or even internationally. Although each chapter is unique from all the others with certain creeds and standards, all 12 organizations have many similar goals and experiences to offer. Belonging to a Greek organization helps you develop a sense of belonging and fellowship in a college environment and to jump-start your success after college. It also encourages you to broaden your college experiences through leadership programming, intramural sports, academic support, inter-Greek events, philanthropic opportunities, and social events too. These opportunities are unmatched by any other undergraduate activity.

By entering into our Greek Community, you will be offered more opportunities and character developing experiences than you could find anywhere else in college. This Greek Community is established to help you better yourself and learn to become a leader in the community once you graduate. All of this while you have some of the greatest times of your life! Not only will you benefit from your Greek affiliation after college, but you will also gain a sense of community and family while you call Huntsville home. SHSU can seem like a big place, but having that brotherhood as your rock in the community can anchor your success.

We hope that this site helps in your efforts to find the ideal college experience while here at SHSU. You will not find a more rewarding organization to join than a fraternity at Sam Houston State University. If you have any questions about the Inter Fraternity System please visit the 'Contact Us' page. You have already made the amazing choice of enrolling in Sam Houston State University. Why not take it one step further, and find out if you are suited to be Greek.


The 2019 Interfraternity Council Executive Board