Mission, Vision, Diversity and Values Statements

Vision Statement

Maximize student success in college and beyond by providing responsive and effective support, education, and mental health care.

Mission Statement

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center assists students in resolving personal difficulties that prevent optimal functioning by assisting in the development of skills, attitudes, and resources that support success in the college environment as well as in the pursuit of a productive and satisfying life.

The Counseling Center strives to support the overall mission of the University by facilitating the academic, emotional, and social development of students and by serving as mental health consultants for the larger campus community. A commitment to students’ personal growth and a respect for the richness of the human experience are guiding principles in the work we do.

Diversity Statement

The staff members of the Sam Houston State University Counseling Center are sensitive to the diversity and richness that are an essential element of the human experience. As a staff we are devoted to honoring the differences that are represented by gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, social/economic class, outward appearance, body size/shape, disability, impairment, and political ideology. In addition, we are committed to confronting, in all of their various forms, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression.

Diversity is an important reality of our daily lives. We value the benefits that come from living and working in a multicultural campus community. Therefore, we endeavor to be accepting, supportive, respectful, affirming, and open-minded of those from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to live out this value amongst ourselves, with our clients, and across the campus community. Our aim is for our daily interactions to honor the diversity among us.


Compassion: Expressing care, concern, and kindness towards self and others.

Empathy: Identifying with our students’ experiences and emotions in order to enhance connection and trust.

Respect: Fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Safety: Promoting the physical and emotional well-being of students and the campus community; providing an open, supportive, and accepting environment.

Community: Cultivating meaningful connection and collaboration, and striving to engage authentically in relationships.

Empowerment: Offering information, strategies, and additional perspectives to develop confidence in navigating life circumstances.

Sam Houston Counseling Center

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