Bursar's Office

Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan


    • The student will need to supply the Bursar's Office with an In-State Enrollment Verification Letter from the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan website each semester.
    • In-State Enrollment Verification letters may be delivered to the Bursar's Office, faxed to 936-294-1229, or emailed to bursar@shsu.edu
    • In-State Enrollment Verification Letters must be Signed and dated by the Student before the Tuition Waiver can be applied
    • The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan pays undergraduate tuition and required fees.

 Required fees are those fees that are mandatory as a condition of enrollment for all students attending a University regardless of major or program of study. In other words, the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan pays for the fees that every student must pay. This does not include course specific fees such as lab fees or any fees that are charged just to certain students in specified majors. For example, many colleges charge students fees based on what course of study they are pursuing; these fees would not be covered by the Fund because they are not charged to every student enrolling at the University. Examples of other fees not covered are lab fees, music fees, distance learning fees, and fees charged for classes offered at alternated locations such as The Woodlands Center.

Graduate tuition is not covered under the Fund.