High School: Splendora High School

Major/Minor: History (major); Geography (minor)

Class of: 2019

Hometown: Splendora, Texas

Hobbies & Interests: reading, listening to podcasts

Campus Involvement/Organizations: Bearkat History Club

Favorite Place to Eat in Huntsville: Los Pericos

Favorite Spot on Campus: Academic Building IV

Most Memorable SHSU Experience: Orientation

Favorite SHSU Tradition: The Tree of Light Ceremony

Favorite Class Taken as SHSU: History 1302

Favorite Professor: Zachary Montz

One Thing I Can’t Leave Home W/O: the book I’m currently reading

Why Did You Choose SHSU? It is close enough to home to visit with my family

One of the Ways I Show my Bearkat Pride is by: wearing Bearkat apparel

What has Surprised Me the Most About Myself: How quickly I adapted to living in Huntsville

Advice: Find a major that makes you excited to get up every morning and go to class.

Fun Fact: I own over 300 books

After Graduation: I hope to become a history professor, or I hope to become the curator of a museum.