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DD Tonight? Check-In Here!

What's iDrive?

iDrive is a designated driver incentive program sponsored by the SHSU Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative and participating Huntsville businesses.

How does iDrive work?

Bars and restaurants sponsoring the iDrive program will provide free non-alcoholic beverages to you and location-specific DD Freebies if you're the designated driver during a night out. When entering a sponsoring bar or restaurant, you will receive an iDrive wristband that will identify you as the designated driver. You can then ask for your free non-alcoholic drinks in an iDrive cup and DD Freebies.

What's in it for you?

DD Freebies!  From iDrive supporters, location-specific DD Freebies.  From SHSU, you'll collect points that can be redeemed for SHSU apparel, other prizes, and a chance at a big $ prize at the end of each semester.

iDrive Manual (Last Updated 2/19/2016)

iDrive Incentives from SHSU (Last Updated, 2/19/2016)

Which places are sponsoring iDrive?

  • The Draft Bar
  • Humphrey's Bar & Grill
  • Potato Shack
  • Mama Juanitas
  • Smokin' Jozee's
  • Zach's Bar and Grill
  • SHSU Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative