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DD Tonight? Check-In Here!

What's iDrive?

iDrive is a designated driver incentive program sponsored by the SHSU Office of Health Promotion and participating Huntsville businesses.

How does iDrive work?

Bars and restaurants sponsoring the iDrive program will provide free non-alcoholic beverages to you and location-specific DD Freebies if you're the designated driver during a night out. When entering a sponsoring bar or restaurant, you will receive an iDrive wristband that will identify you as the designated driver. You can then ask for your free non-alcoholic drinks in an iDrive cup and DD Freebies.

What's in it for you?

DD Freebies!  From iDrive supporters, location-specific DD Freebies.  From SHSU, you'll collect points that can be redeemed for SHSU apparel, other prizes, and a chance at a big $ prize at the end of each semester.

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iDrive Manual (Last Updated 11/10/2016)

iDrive Incentives from SHSU (Last Updated, 11/10/2016)

Which places are sponsoring iDrive?

  • 12th Street Bar
  • Humphrey's Bar & Grill
  • Potato Shack
  • Mama Juanitas
  • Zach's Bar and Grill
  • SHSU Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative