SHSU Faculty Handbook


The following sections are included in the Faculty Handbook (PDF). Once opened, the entire handbook PDF may be downloaded or printed.

  • General Information
    • Introduction and Preface
    • Commitment to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
    • Description and Governance of Texas Higher Education
    • University Mission, Goals and History
    • University Organization and Administration
    • Faculty Senate
    • Committee Structure of the University
    • Academic Policy Statements
    • Drug-Free Work Place
    • University Publications
    • Emergency Closings
    • Medical Emergency Procedures
    • KatSafe
  • Faculty Academic Employment Policies
    • Appointments to the Faculty
    • Dismissal of Faculty
    • Faculty Evaluation System
    • Grievance Procedure
    • Interim Faculty Members
    • Non-reappointment and Denial of Tenure
    • Outside Employment of Faculty
    • Professional Librarians
    • Promotions in Rank
    • Retirement and Emeritus Status
    • Summer Employment
    • Tenure
  • Benefits, Leaves, and Awards
    • Designation of Distinguished Professors
    • Faculty Leave Policies
    • Faculty Study
    • Graduate Faculty Status
    • Granting of Honorary Doctorate
    • Travel
    • Sam Houston Humanitarian Award
  • Curriculum
    • Curricular Changes and Textbook Adoption
    • Curriculum Development and Evaluation
    • Prerequisite Policy
    • Syllabus Guidelines
  • Professional Responsibilities
    • Acceptance of Money from Students
    • Use of Proctoring Services
    • Commencement Participation
    • Faculty Adherence to Class Schedule and Faculty Absences
    • Faculty Availability
    • Faculty Instruction Workload Policy
    • Nepotism (Appointment of Relatives)
    • Research by Faculty
    • Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    • Signatures
    • Use of Telephone and Text Messengers
    • Political Influence
  • Facilities and Services
    • Administrative Office Hours
    • Alcohol Beverage Policy
    • Austin Hall Policy
    • Building Liaison Policy
    • Campus Key Policy
    • Gibbs Ranch Policy
    • Library Use Policy
    • Naming of Buildings/Rooms Policy
    • Orange Lighting Policy
    • Peabody Library Policy
    • Smoking Policy
    • Space Management Policy
  • Academic Issues and Procedures
    • Academic Advisement and Mentoring
    • Academic Dishonesty
    • Academic Grievance Procedures for Students
    • Academic Probation and Suspension
    • Attendance Initiative
    • Attendance Policy for Classes
    • Audit Policy
    • Department Academic Distinction Program
    • Honors Program
    • Members Not Employed by SHSU Serving on Thesis and Dissertation Committees
    • Student Absences on Religious Holy Days
    • Visitors in the Classroom
    • Student Rosters and Records
  • Legal Compliance
    • Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures
    • Academic Instructional Staffing
    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Confidential Data Policy
    • Consortial and Academic Contractual Agreement Review
    • Faculty Contracts
    • Copyrights and Patents
    • Sam Houston Logo and Trademarks Use
    • Open Records Policy
    • Personnel Records
    • University Records Retention Schedule
    • Web Site Disclaimer Statement


Academic Policy Manual

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policy and Procedure

Title IX Policies, Procedures, and Contacts

The Texas State University System

The Texas State University System Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations

SHSU Organizational Chart

Campus Map


Revised, March 2016
Revised, August 2015
Revised, June 2013
Revised, December 2010

Sam Houston State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution