University Diversity Committee

Appointed by: President

Reports to: President

Number of Members: 23

Chair/Co-Chair: 2

Faculty: 11

Staff: 5

Students: 5

Correct as of: August 2020

Purpose.  The UDC will provide coordination to existing diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives, create and maintain successful diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives, and provide recommendations for improving diversity throughout the institution. This will further SHSU’s goal to foster a lifelong learning environment in support of a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and advance the University’s Diversity Plan.

Member Appointments. The Committee shall consist of the following members: one faculty member from each of the academic colleges, one faculty member from the Newton Gresham Library, and one faculty member from the University Faculty Senate. The President of the University shall make all appointments from nominations submitted by the respected Academic Deans. The faculty members shall serve rotating three year terms.  The University Faculty Senate representative will serve one- to three-year term commensurate with their term length on the Senate and will be nominated by the Provost.  The President shall make all appointments of staff members from nominations submitted by the President’s Cabinet. Staff members will serve indefinite terms associated with their administrative responsibilities. The President shall make all of appointments of students from nominations submitted by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students will serve a one-year term with re-appointments possible.

Chair Appointment. The co-chairs of the committee are nominated by the Cabinet and appointed by the President. The co-chairs will serve an indefinite term.

Committee Members

Co-Chairs: Indefinite Terms

Frank Parker, Vice President for Student Affairs
Jeffrey Littlejohn, Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty - Terms expire August 31, 2021

Montse Feu Lopez, Humanities & Social Sciences
Emily Roper, Health Sciences
Benita Brooks, Education

Faculty - Terms expire August 31, 2022

Tarek Trad, Sciences and Engineering Technology
Aaron Brown, Arts and Media
Dennis Wooten, Osteopathic Medicine
Vlad Radoias, Faculty Senate Representative

Faculty - Terms expire August 31, 2023

Bill Wells, Criminal Justice
Carla Jones, Business Administration
Dianna Kim, Newton Gresham Library
Mary Petron, Education

Staff - Indefinite terms

Jeanine Bias, Director - Equity & Inclusion
Jordan Chang, Director - Center for Diversity & Intercultural Affairs
Angie Taylor, Director of Admissions -  Enrollment Management
Heather Self, Senior Academic Advisor - Athletics
Christene Hughes, Senior Manager - Human Resources

Students - Terms expire May 31, 2021

Jordan Johnson
LaYauna Bonds

Cesar Cantu
Tanaya Sparks
Guillermino Vasquez

To Report Errors

All errors in committee listings should be reported in writing to:
Tama Hamrick
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2394