Diversity Committee, Faculty

Appointed by: President

Reports to: Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Diversity

Number of Members: 9

Updated:  September 2021

Purpose. Examine the diversity status of the faculty and Academic Affairs' professional staff. Recommend strategies for improving diversity at the University and College levels. The committee is to provide recommendations for improving diversity in the Division of Academic Affairs.

Member Appointments. The Committee shall consist of the following members: a faculty member from each of the academic colleges and Newton Gresham Library, and a chair. The President of the University shall make all appointments from nominations submitted by the respected Academic Deans. The faculty members shall serve rotating three-year terms. Two nominations for each position on the committee shall be presented to the President of the University.

Chair Appointment. The chair will serve an indefinite term. When needed, the Provost will nominate the replacement and the President will make the appointment.

Committee Members

Chair: Indefinite Term

Mary Petron, College of Education


Term Expires August 31, 2022:

Rachel Houston, College of Criminal Justice
Jessica Monnet, College of Business Administration
Lisa Shen, Newton Gresham Library

Term Expires August 31, 2023:

Tarek Trad, College of Science and Engineering Technology
Maki Hatanaka, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Amanda Scarbrough, College of Health Sciences

Term Expires August 31, 2024:

Nam Young Kim, College of Arts and Media
Donggill Song, College of Education
Andia Azimi, College of Criminal Justice

To Report Errors

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Tama Hamrick
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