Academic Policy Manual - Faculty

Faculty Policy Manual
Policy Title Policy Number Year Revised
Academic Advisory Councils  921007 (R-2017)
Academic Credit for Work Experience 860904 (R-2017)
Academic Fresh Start 940317 (R-2018)
Academic Instructional Staffing 800114 (R-2012)
Academic Probation and Suspension 910312 (R-2018)
Appointment of Clinical Faculty Members 041020 (R-2007)
Appointment of Visiting Scholars 911106 (R-2012)
Appointment, Workload and and Evaluation of Chairs 110511 (R-2017)
Consortial and Academic Contractual Agreement Review 081217 (R-2017)
Courses and Grades Transferred from Other Colleges and Universities 801007 (R-2017)
Department/School Academic Distinction Program Policy  800521 (R-2017)
Designation of Distinguished Professors 860425 (R-2017)
Distribution of Recovered Facilities and Administration Costs 950818 (R-2018)
Early Retirement Program for University Faculty 840901 (R-2017)
Employment of Graduate Assistants 890303 (R-2017)
Employment of Non-Tenure Track Faculty  890301 (R-2007)
English Language Proficiency for Instructional Personnel 871214 (R-2019)
Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes at Sam Houston State University 950609 (R-2019)
Ethical Conduct in Academic Research and Scholarship 920808 (R-2018)
Faculty Absences on Religious Holy Days 860915 (R-2017)
Faculty Administrative Leave Program 800215 (R-2017)
Faculty Development Leave Policy 800328 (R-2019)
Faculty Evaluation System, The 820317 (R-2009)
Faculty Grievance Procedure, from TSUS Rules & Regulations, Chapter V (Faculty Grievance Form) TSUS-ChV
Faculty Instructional Workload Policy  790601 (R-2010)
Faculty Participation in Commencement 791221 (R-2017)
Faculty Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion 900417 (R-2013)
Faculty Retirement and Emeritus Status 800925 (R-2019)
Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program 130424 (R-2018)
Graduate Degree Enrollment and Completion Requirements 930129 (R-2019)
Graduate Faculty Status 801014 (R-2018)
Guidelines for Awarding Competitive Academic Scholarships 850822 (R-2018)
Instructional Overload Assignment 810701 (R-2003)
Insurance Fringe Benefits and Sick Leave Accrual for Interim Faculty Members 830401 (R-2018)
Library Use Policy 840606 (R-2017)
Market Adjustments in Salary 110720 (R-2019)
Members Not Employed by SHSU Serving on SHSU Thesis and Dissertation Committees  950601 (R-2017)
Merit Advances in Salary  800722 (R-2010)
Out-of-State/Out-of-Country Resident Credit Courses 800107 (R-2019)
Outside Employment for Faculty 860811 (R-2018)
Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 980204 (R-2010)
Prerequisite Policy 100428 (R-2018)
Procedures in Online Education
021120 (R-2004)
Reassigned Time for Faculty Members Pursuing Research and Artistic Endeavors (Request Form) 900420 (R-2018)
Required Developmental Education  930226 (R-2018)
Shortened Format Courses  860110 (R-2018)
Subsequent Master's Degree 801215 (R-2018)
Substantive Change Notification 081212 (R-2018)
Tenets for Faculty Status for Academic Librarians 810814 (R-2004)
Uniform Undergraduate Degree Plan Requirements 950531 (R-2018)
University Textbook Requisition Procedure 860211 (R-2018)
Use of Copyrighted Material 891208 (R-2018)
Use of Tobacco Products in Academic Classrooms and Facilities 890228 (R-2017)