From the Desk of the VP


The “Top 10 IT Issues and Strategic Technologies” for 2018, as defined by a panel of EDUCAUSE* experts, fall into four themes: students, planning and funding, security, and data. Last month I shared the top three issues. This month, I want to focus in on one that is particularly important to me, institution-wide IT strategy.

Looking forward, I envision achieving Institution-wide IT strategy through continued communication and collaboration to identify areas for advanced technological improvement. For example, there are several classrooms and labs scheduled for technology upgrades over this fiscal year to improve learning spaces. In addition, other projects are in the pipeline to expand communication abilities stemming from a phone system upgrade that took place in December 2017 and ongoing work for a redundant data center to ensure data is accessible when and where needed.

For any institutional strategy to succeed, it is critical to have a campus-wide support. This applies equally, if not more, to implementing an Institution-wide IT strategy successfully. Whether improving access to learning resources and research collections, developing management information systems to support decision making, or facilitating better communication, the information strategy seeks to emphasize the importance of good information management.

The challenge will be to look beyond services, upgrades, hardware, and networks. In this rapidly changing technical world, Institution-wide IT strategic planning requires a focus on both strategy and transformation. So, my question to you is, how can IT resources transform your teaching, your learning, your research, and the business operations at SHSU?

Our doors are always open. Contact IT@Sam to let us know how we can assist you.

Mark Adams 
VP of Information Technology