CS 272 Assembly Language Programming

Programming assignment #2

Due 19 September 2000

Write a Turbo Assembly Language program which will:

  1. Print a prompt to the screen using INT 21h, function 9.
  2. Input two hexadecimal values from the keyboard using your instructor's HEX_IN macro.
  3. Compute the sum of the two input values.
  4. Print an appropriate label and the computed sum using your instructor's HEX_OUT macro.
  5. Also compute and print the difference, the logical AND, OR, and the exclusive OR of the two input values with appropriate labels.
  6. Turn in a printed copy of your program (the .ASM file), together with a 3.5" disk containing the source code. Put them in a 9"x12" manila envelope with your name on the outside.
The Input/Output macros are found in the sample programs directory in the file iomacs.asm. An example of how to use them is found in the file io_tst.asm.