Commuter Guide

Woodlands/Huntsville Vanpool Available for Faculty/Staff

  • The SHSU Vanpool is available for faculty and staff who are interested in commuting. The vanpool is not sponsored by Sam Houston State University. Rather, it is managed privately by faculty and staff of SHSU. Openings are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For details, please visit




Differently Abled Routes


Carpool Tips


  • Determine route, schedule and pickup locations. Decide on driving responsibilities, such as alternating on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Establish policies/restrictions on smoking, music/volume, food or drinks.
  • Communicate with your fellow carpoolers. If you're running a few minutes late, call them and let them know. If you can't carpool on a particular day due to a schedule conflict, give your carpool partners ample notice so they can make other arrangements.
  • Be punctual. Decide how long the driver is expected to wait.
  • Drive safely at all times. There should be no excuse for excessive speed, use of alcohol, or reckless maneuvers.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and in good condition.
  • Establish a method for reimbursing driving expenses.


  • Make a habit of being late.
  • Ask your carpoolers to make extra stops along the way so you can take care of personal errands. The carpool is meant to help everyone with their commutes, period.
  • Bring up controversial topics like religion or politics unless you know your fellow carpoolers well. While some people enjoy debating the issues, others may prefer a quieter commute.
  • Have lengthy cell phone conversations while you're in the carpool.
  • Be a "backseat driver."" Most of the time, these distractions can cause an accident rather then prevent one.