Sam Houston State Natural History Collections

The Sam Houston State Vertebrate Museum has developed and maintains a small collection of vertebrates primarily for advanced undergraduate and graduate student education. Emphasis in developing these collections has focused on representing the local fauna of East Texas and adjacent regions. Our collections are excellent for an institution of our size We house specimens that date back to the 1890's, a fish collection made by E.O. Wiley in 1972 (Dr. Wiley is an eminent biologist at the Natural History Museum, University of Kansas), and a mammal collection with specimens from the 1920's along with several specimens prepared in the 1950's by W.B. Davis (author of Mammals of Texas 1994). One can easily recognize the importance of these specimens in documenting the natural history of east Texas over the last 50 to 100 years. Current holdings include approximately 800 birds prepared as standard museum and taxidermy mounts, 1000 mammals represented by both museum skins and skeletal preps, and a diverse group of fish, amphibians, and reptiles representing many North American species.