ELITE Management Internship

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As the SH ELITE Program has evolved from its original purpose, aiding the transition from high school into college for Hispanic and African American men, into providing resources and support through graduation, an internship program was developed in order to aid the transition from college into the workforce or graduate school. The internship allows students to take on leadership roles within the program, and enables them to learn and exercise marketable skills they will need upon graduation.


Eligibility criteria to apply for the internship:

  1.   Must be an SH ELITE Scholar
  2.   Minimum 1-Year Membership in SH ELITE
  3.   Minimum 3.0 GPA


The ELITE Management Internship (EMI) is composed of six board of directors:

  1.   Director of Event Management & Entertainment
  2.   Director of Community & University Service
  3.   Director of Alumni & Public Relations
  4.   Director of Study Hall & Tutoring Services
  5.   Director of Outreach & Development
  6.   Director of Marketing & Communications

 As well at six peer mentors that facilitate small group meetings:

  1.   2 Peer Mentors for Freshmen
  2.   2 Peer Mentors for Sophomores
  3.   2 Peer Mentors for Juniors

Internship Benefits:

EMI interns have additional benefits they enjoy:

  1.   Additional Apparel
  2.   Portfolio
  3.   Textbook Scholarship Award*
  4.   First Pick to Attend Special Functions

 *Interns do not need to meet the minimum GPA requirement established for SH ELITE Scholars.