Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Jacory Bellnamy

Director of Event Management & Entertainment

Jacory Bellnamy The Director of Event Management and Entertainment develops social events to promote teambuilding, to ultimately encourage a strong support system. The director coordinates SH ELITE social events such as, but not limited to, semester socials, receptions, and teambuildings. He also organizes Intramural Sports teams, and prepares descriptive and evaluative reports.

Christopher Cepeda

Director of Community & University Service

The Director of Community and University Services provides community and university service opportunities to SH ELITE students to promote civic engagement. This director coordinate community and university service events. They are responsible for the organization and execution of events including student participation, transportation to and from events, communication with event hosts, and prepares descriptive and evaluative reports. Christopher Cepeda

Nathaniel Flores

Director of Alumni & Public Relations

Nathaniel Flores The Director of Alumni and Public Relations establishes relationships with SHSU Alumni, SH ELITE Alumni, on campus organizations, and community organizations. The director develops connections between former SHSU Alumni individuals through the Alumni Relations department, organizes events/connections/discussion between former SH ELITE Alumni and current ELITE students, and prepares descriptive and evaluative reports.

Christopher Luna

Director of Study Hall & Tutoring Services

The Director of Study Hall and Tutoring Services develops study hall and tutoring services to promote and enhance academic support for SH ELITE students. The director coordinates SH ELITE study hall and tutoring program, develop study hall regulations to encourage academic enhancement, pair students seeking tutoring with qualified tutors within and outside of the program, and prepares descriptive and evaluative reports. Christopher Luna

Adrian Sanchez

Director of Outreach & Development

Adrian Sanchez The Director of Outreach and Development encourages the development of outreach programs within SH ELITE for middle schools, high schools, and higher institutions. The director develops and manages outreach programs that bridge middle and high schools with universities to promote a college mindset, creates and presents materials on SH ELITE at conferences as well as other on and off campus events, and prepares descriptive and evaluative reports.

Aaron Serrano

Director of Marketing & Communications

The Director of Marketing and Communications maintains effective communications with SH ELITE Scholars through the use of social media, newsletters, and all other means of communication. The director develops all communication methods such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Editor for SH ELITE Newsletter, and other forms of written communication, and is responsible for overseeing communication between departments. thumb