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Arts as a Rural Community & Economic Development Strategy

Sam Houston State University and the Texas Cultural Trust were recently awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant to study how rural places use arts and culture as a rural community and economic development strategy.

Six rural Texas communities were chosen to participate:  Albany, Alpine, Clifton, Navasota, Post, and Smithville.  We will be surveying select households in each community to understand: 

  • If local residents are satisfied with local arts and cultural activities
  • How involved are residents in these and other activities in their local community.
  • How do residents feel about their community and quality of life as a whole.

Your responses to these questions help determine the value of the arts as a rural development strategy.  Your input will inform local and state leaders about the effects of arts and culture in your community. 

Only a few households in each community were selected to participate in this survey.  If your household receives the survey in the mail from the Center for Rural Studies at Sam Houston State University, we would appreciate your participation in the study. In order for the results of this study to accurately reflect the views of persons in your community, it will be important that each sampled household complete and return the questionnaire.

Rural leaders across the state of Texas use countless different strategies for local development. One popular approach is the use of arts and culture as a community and economic development strategy. Your participation is important to effectively gauge each community’s practice of arts-based development and its impact on the community and its residents.

If you have any questions about the study, please feel free to call the Center for Rural Studies at (936) 294-4380 or email us at


SHSU, ‘Trust’ To Examine Rural ‘Arts’ Through NEA Grant

NEA Grant Awarded to Texas Cultural Trust & Sam Houston State University To Support a Study Examining the Arts as a Rural Community Development Strategy





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