Student Travel Award for Professional Presentation

2019-2020 STAPP Awards

All Sam Houston State University undergraduate students who are admitted to degree programs may apply for a STAPP Award to help defray the costs of travel to conferences, meetings, exhibits, or performances where the results of their faculty-mentored research, scholarship, or creative activity will be presented. Students must be enrolled at SHSU at the time of travel.

Funding: Students can request up to $400 for state/regional travel and up to $800 for national/international travel. Per SHSU policy, all travel will be reimbursed upon completion of appropriate travel forms and submission of receipts. It is the awardee’s responsibility to work with his/her faculty mentor and departmental administrative assistant to complete appropriate forms and submit receipts for allowable expenses. Allowable costs include registration fees, transportation, accommodations, and/or meals.

Selection: Applications will be evaluated, prioritized and selected by the EURECA advisory board, an interdisciplinary committee composed of faculty from each college. If your application is selected for funding, per SHSU policy, all travel will be reimbursed upon completion of the appropriate travel forms and submission of receipts. It is your responsibility to work with your faculty mentor and/or departmental administrative assistant to complete all appropriate forms prior to travel and to submit receipts for allowable expenses upon your return.

Application Process: Please pay careful attention to these guidelines as incomplete applications and applications that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected. We will continue accepting applications throughout the year however the deadline for fall 2019 is October 1st and the deadline for spring and summer 2020 is March 1st. The application and budget form are available from the EURECA website ( as fillable PDF forms. A complete application will consist of:

  1. Application with mentor and chair approval signatures and dates
  2. Budget and budget justification form
  3. A letter of support from the student’s faculty mentor
  4. These documents must be sent by email to Dr. Madhusudan Choudhary ( with STAPP Application in the subject line.

Since we attempt to fund as many applications as possible, please plan to share rooms and costs with other students attending the same conference if possible and let us know how you intend to do so as part of your Budget Justification.