Ada Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.)

It is here: Ada Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.)

The ASC/Math Center has launched the Ava Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.). This online tutoring service is suggested for Bearkats who are unable to participate in our Math Center tutoring sessions. While this service is open to all students, we encourage those who can make it to the Math Center or the Library to do so during the posted hours.

The goal of this service is to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participants looking for assistance in STEM related subjects. Sessions are currently only by appointments, and are scheduled for 30 minutes. Let’s get started by following the procedures below:

Procedures (This is a one-time action for access to the program)

From your SHSU email account, send an email to with the Subject: Math Center/ALOT. In the body of the email be sure to include your name, username, the class in which you require assistance, and your instructor.


Name: __Sammy Bearkat_____

User Name: __sxb001________

Class: ___MATH 1314________

Instructor: ___Prof. Smith_____

Within 24 hrs. of submission you will receive an email confirming your addition as a participant, where you will now be able to make appointments and access a tutor by following the following the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Access Instructions below.


You may call us at 936 294 1565 to schedule an appointment. Available times are generally Monday - Thursday, 8:00 pm -11:30 pm.

Please check back frequently for updates. The online scheduler should be available soon.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Access Instructions

*Blackboard Collaborate Ultra may only be accessed with the following browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported at this time.

Go to, log into blackboard and follow these steps to gain access to a tutoring session.

1) Under the “My Organizations” banner, click the link “Math Center Online Tutoring-ASC

2) Click the “Tools” tab

3) Click the link “Blackboard Collaborate

4) Click the button “Join Room”. (This is the main room.)

5) Upon arrival your tutor will move you to a breakout room for your one-on-one session.

6) Follow the tutor’s instruction for a successful session


• You may send the document you would like to work on by email before the session begins.

• Please enter the room 5-10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

• 30 min sessions are short, so be as prepared as possible.