Ada Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.)

Ada Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.)

The ASC/Math Center provides online tutoring for mathematics and the mathematics portions of STEM courses via the Ava Lovelace Online Tutoring (A.L.O.T.). This service is designed to mirror our usual face-to-face sessions, with the goal of providing an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participants. To access our services, please complete the one-time registration below.

For a list of courses being supported, please visit our services page.

Upon enrollment, you will have access to drop-in tutoring rooms starting on March 23, 2020. Although appointments are not required, you may request tutoring for times that best suit your needs. To get started with a session, follow the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Access Instructions below.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Access Instructions

Go to, log into blackboard and follow these steps to gain access to a tutoring session.

  • Under the “My Organizations” banner, click the link “Math Center Online Tutoring-ASC
  • Click the “A.L.O.T.” tab to access tutoring sessions
  • Choose a room from “Sessions
  • Click on the room for the course in which you need support.
  • Click the button “Join Session
  • Lastly, follow the tutor’s instruction for a successful session

  • TIPS:

  • Create a folder with documents you may wish to share during your session.
  • To get the most out of a session, ask the tutor questions.
  • Questions:

    Call us at 936 294 2292 with questions about scheduling or if you encounter a problem during any step of the process.