FAQ for Bearkat Bridge

How do I enroll in Bearkat Bridge?

All accepted students whose records indicate they are not TSI complete in MATH will qualify for the Bearkat Bridge program. To enroll simply email: bearkatbridge@shsu.edu with your SAM ID and you will receive an email back with information about how to log into the Bearkat Bridge Blackboard page and start the course.

How much does it cost to be enrolled in Bearkat Bridge?

Bearkat Bridge is a free program offered to all students who are not TSI complete in MATH. You will need to purchase ALEKS. ALEKS is a web-based adaptive learning system. You can purchase ALEKS online through the class or you can buy a code at our bookstore. The bookstore charges about $114.00. Peer coaching and tutoring are free to all enrolled students.

Why should I enroll in Bearkat Bridge? Why not just stay in the developmental course?

By enrolling in Bearkat Bridge, you automatically qualify for one of the co-requisite courses. These courses allow you to take your college level math class along with a developmental support class. Enrolling in a co-requisite course saves you 2 credit hours—about $1400—and allows you to stay on track to a 4 year graduation. When you complete Bearkat Bridge you can take the math portion of the TSIA again and when you pass, the developmental support class will be dropped from your schedule. Students who do not qualify for the co-requisite courses—those with TSI scores below 339—and who do not enroll in Beakat Bridge will need to enroll in MATH 0333. MATH 0333 is a three hour developmental course; however, students are expected to be in class for 5 hours a week. MATH 0333 does not count towards graduation and will not be part of your GPA. By enrolling in MATH 0333 you cannot take your college level math course until your second semester making it difficult to graduate in 4 years.

What if I get stuck? Where can I go for help?

Every student enrolled in Bearkat Bridge will have a peer coach and tutor. The peer coaches can help you navigate both Blackboard and ALEKS, answer questions about SHSU, and can provide tutoring. Our peer coaches will be available online in the mornings, at night, and on weekends. You can also receive help from our Math Center by stopping by the main campus in Huntsville, or you can make an appointment for an online session.

What is the timeline for completing my Bearkat Bridge?

You can complete Bearkat Bridge any time before the Fall semester begins; however, if you complete by August 1, 2018 and pass the TSIA, you will be able to drop the developmental course before it goes on your fee statemen.

What if I complete the work in Bearkat Bridge and still don’t make passing scores on the TSIA?

That’s ok! You will be able to register into one our co-requisite math courses. These courses allow you to enroll in the college math class you need, like MATH 1314, and take a developmental support class along with it. Courses offered are: MATH 1314/N014, MATH 1324/N024, MATH 1332/N032, and MATH 1384/N084.

When and where can I retest?

Any school, community college, or university that has a testing center that proctors the TSIA. We have a testing center here at SHSU, and their website can be found here.