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During various times of the year we offer Short Course training to students, law enforcement agencies, forensic science teachers and forensic practitioners.

2019 Training Calendar

Most courses are available to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, law enforcement officials, and high school instructors.

June 10 - 13
Forensic Anthropology & Human Burial Recovery

This course covers the fundamental principles of forensic anthropology used in recovery and analysis of human skeletal remains. The course is divided into two days of laboratory work, learning and applying basic methods for estimating sex, age, stature, and ancestry, and learning systematic recovery methods. One day of burial recovery and a final day of analysis and presentation of the results. Endurance in burial recovery is required.

This course is for advanced Undergraduate and Graduate students. 10% discount can be applied if registered before April 15th.

Registration and Payment Due: May 27

June 18 - 21
Human Burial Recovery - Teachers

Participant groups will search for and recover the human skeletal remains of a burial. They will learn and apply archaeological techniques used in burial recoveries. Participants will process the remains and analyze them for identification. Endurance in burial recovery is required.

This course is designed for teachers and college professors interested in gaining hands on knowledge to facilitate the recovery of a human burial. $100 discount if registered before April 23rd.

Registration and Payment Due: June 4

June 24 - 25
Human Decomposition

This two-day course will be located at the Applied Anatomical Research Center (AARC) at Sam Houston State University. The course contains a large portion of hands-on exercises. The course explores the fundamental processes behind human decomposition and techniques of determining the postmortem interval (PMI). The second day of this course will cover forensic soil chemistry; how the decomposition process significantly affects soil.

Registration and Payment Due: June 10

June 26 - 28
Surface Recovery

The course will focus on identification of human bone, distinguishing human bone from animal bone and the basics of assessing sex, age, ancestry and stature. It will include the systematic techniques for recovery of human skeletal remains in an outdoor environment. After learning these techniques, each team will search and recover real human remains, analyze the remains, and present their case to the class. Endurance in the recovery of the remains is required.

$100 discount if taking both Human Decomposition and Surface Recovery

Registration for both Human Decomposition and Surface Recovery Due: June 12

July 23 - 26
Blood Stain Analysis and Pattern Evidence

This course will be broken into two sections. The first two days will cover Bloodstain Pattern Analysis including the fundamental physics of blood-staining, along with the recognition, processing, and analysis of blood stains at crime scenes. The third and fourth day will covers topics that deal with Pattern Evidence such as Latent Print Identification and Latent Print Processing.

Open To: Graduate Students, Law Enforcement, and High School Teachers.

Registration and Payment Due: July 9

July 17 - 18
Bone Pathology

This two-day course will introduce students to general congenital, infectious, and dental diseases that result in bone pathologies. Participants will be assigned an actual human skeleton case that has one or more bone pathologies. Participants will document their observations of the bone and research what disease results in this type of bone pathology. Participants will further investigate the disease’s effect on body organs and physiological and/or behavioral functions of the body. Participants will then present their case to the class.

This course is designed for junior and senior undergraduate students, graduate students interested in medicine, nursing, biology or anthropology careers, and anatomy and biology teachers and professors.

Registration and Payment Due: July 3

CANCELLED - August 5 - 8
Forensic Anthropology & Burial Recovery - Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agents who perform burial recoveries should train in the environment in which they work. This course is specifically designed for law enforcement officers who work in the Piney Woods region of the United States. Instructed by a board certified forensic anthropologist, the aim of the course is to give a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of forensic anthropology used to develop a biological profile of an unknown deceased. Systematic burial recovery techniques that reduce compromise of physical evidence will also be presented and employed on days two and three during recovery of actual human burials. The course concludes with the analysis and presentation of the burial findings.

10% discount if registered before June 10th.

Registration and Payment Due: July 22

CANCELLED - September 16 - 18
Fire Course

The concept that the human body, even bone, is completely destroyed in a fire will be shown to be a false concept, conveyed by physical evidence observed in this course. Participants will initially learn how to differentiate between non-burned animal and human bone and learn foundational principles of the effects of thermal trauma to the human body, particularly bone. Participant groups will then be taken to their burn scene where they will observe and systematically collect human and non-human remain burned remains. Groups will analyze their findings and present their case.

$100 discount if registered before July 22nd

Registration and Payment Due: September 2

All Courses have a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 24. There will be NO Refunds unless a class is canceled. Refunds may be distributed if there is a documented emergency. Late Registration and Payment will result in a $25.00 fee.