Consulting and Community Services

AARC provides faculty who are experts in the fields of forensic anthropology and forensic entomology to serve as consultants to law enforcement agencies or for presentations to community groups. Out of respect for the families of those who donated loved ones to the facility, no tours are permitted of the Outside Research Facility. Tours of the Forensic Anthropology Laboratory are considered on a case-by- case basis.

Dr. Joan Bytheway, a board certified forensic anthropology has consulted on international casework and consulted with several Texas law enforcement agencies on forensic anthropology cases.

Dr. Sibyl Bucheli has served as an expert witness of entomology in criminal cases to establish the time of death in homicide cases.

To request a consultation or speaker, contact

Dr. Joan A. Bytheway
Forensic Anthropologist
936-294-2310 or 936-294-4814

Dr. Sibyl Bucheli
Forensic Entomologist