Our Mission

AARC is a state-of-the-art research, education, and training center designed to advance academic and technical knowledge in the application of anthropology, biology, biomedicine, chemistry, forensics, and medicine. Bodies donated to the AARC are a valuable component of our research. The skeleton of each donation is also a very valuable asset and is permanently accessioned to the AARC Skeletal Collection for continued research, education, and training by medical professionals, investigators, students, law enforcement officials and forensic practitioners.

Mission Statement

"Finis coronat opus" This Latin phrase means, "the end crowns the work." But what does this really mean? At AARC, the crown is the manifestation of what one did in life, activities that are recorded in the human physical body. It may be an illness such as tuberculosis, that can leave lesions on the skeleton, or a broken collarbone from playing high school football. At the end of life, our experience is crowned, in a sense, in our physical bodies. As scientists, we examine the end product, the crown, of that individual’s life and we can obtain very useful information. Medical students can examine the effects of some diseases that leave indicators in the soft or hard tissue of the body. Other pathologies and trauma can be used to aid in the identification of an individual. Students and practitioners can gain invaluable knowledge and understanding by continual education, research, and training.

At AARC, the crown of one's life, the human body, is highly valued and is treated with dignity and respect. The body is essential in the continual development of applied medical and forensic techniques.

AARC’s commitment and service to humanity is to continue research, develop new techniques and skills, and perfect our knowledge, so the crown of our work may bring a voice, a comfort, or peace to others.