The “Miss Sam Houston Pageant” has origins in the old Sam Houston tradition, the “Bathing Beauty Review” hosted by the Caroline Belvin Literary Society (the CBs).  The winner received prizes such as new clothes, jewelry, flowers, and received the title of “Bathing Beauty.”  In 1949, the contest continued the use of the name “Bathing Beauty Review;” however, it changed the winner’s title from “Bathing Beauty” to “Miss Sam Houston.”  The Caroline Belvin Literary Society continued to host the pageant until 1959 when its members were initiated into Alpha Delta Pi sorority.  From then, the Alpha Delta Pi sorority hosted the pageant and changed the title to the “Miss Sam Houston Pageant” until the late 1960’s when Alpha Tau Omega fraternity began to host the pageant.  Again, in the 1970’s, the pageant changed hands to the Kappa Sigma fraternity.  During this time, the Miss Sam Houston Pageant and Miss Huntsville pageant were combined allowing the winner of the Miss Sam Houston Pageant to be crowned Miss Sam Houston and Miss Huntsville.  The winner was qualified to then proceed to the Miss Texas pageant and Miss America Pageant.  The pageant continued to flourish until it disappeared from the yearbooks of Sam Houston in the late 1980’s. In 2010, Program Council (the campus event planning board) decided to plan the reemergence of this Sam Houston Tradition. In the Spring of 2011 the Miss Sam Houston Pageant returned to SHSU and immediately recaptured the spotlight while crowning the first Miss Sam Houston in over 30 years.