What is Haven?

Haven is a LGBTIQ resource program and network that provides a means for staff, faculty, and students to visibly promote their acceptance of the LGBTIQ community.  It allows students to knowingly approach members of the SHSU community who they know will be supportive of them and it removes the fear of being discriminated against or admonished for their sexual orientation. As a result, it creates a greater perceived presence of support for the LGBTIQ community.  The purpose is that a visible and easily located presence on campus is available to LGBTIQ students who need support regarding LGBTIQ concerns in conjunction with the reduction of homophobia and heterosexism on our campus. 


What does the Haven program do?

The primary function of the program is to provide support for the LGBTIQ community.  In addition, many programs offer workshops to promote LGBTIQ awareness and understanding.


How do you locate a Haven member or location?

Currently, Haven locations are only allowed to be listed on the website.  Please go the "HAVEN Locations" tab to contact someone. Identification as a Haven location does not indicate an individual’s sexual orientation.  It does identify that individual as someone who is supportive of the LGBTIQ community and will address all viewpoints regarding sexuality, including those opposed to homosexuality, in an educating, informative, and non-threatening manner.


Who can be a Haven location?

Anyone is able to be represented as a Haven member! All members will undergo training to serve as a resource for people seeking out a Haven location and those seeking clarification around issues of sexual diversity before they are named as a location. The training serve staff, faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are all welcome to attend our programming and develop the knowledge necessary to discuss LGBTIQ student life.

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