Theatre Library Search

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  1. Enter the item your wish to search by title, author, or description in the information box.

  2. In the ‘Search by’ box use the down arrow and select the category from the list that displays.

  3. A list of library items will display matching the title, author, or description you entered. Click on the down arrow to view the details for your search.

  4. The item you search for may be an individual script, book or, anthology which has list of scripts.

  5. The item will list author, type, location, availability, and a link to open the ‘Check Out Request Form’.

  6. To submit a request for the item fill out the check-out request form. Click the submit your request button at the bottom of the page and your request will be sent to the Theatre librarian.

  7. You will receive an email within 48 hours in your SHSU email that the script/item is ready for your pick-up, in the theatre office room UTC 110.