Dr. Melissa Tackett-Gibson

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I grew up in a coal and manufacturing town in the Appalachian Mountains. Neither of my parents were graduates of college, yet they encouraged me to pursue and education. My working class background taught me the values of hard work, community ties, and generosity. My education in Sociology reinforced these values and inspired a commitment to community service.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in sociology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Since then, I have held a variety of jobs from survey research and policy analysis to baking cupcakes for (not very much) money. I do, however, love cultural and media studies. Most recently, I have been examining the role of fathers in modern advertising.

I am currently the Director of Internships for the Department of Sociology. I am here to help you explore your career options and gain experience in "the real world". Contact me anytime to talk more about our professional development programs and internship placements.

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