Student Awards

American Academy of Forensic Psychology Dissertation Grant

Krissie Fernandez, 2006

Siji John, 2006

Wendy McCoy Elliott, 2006

Beth Caillouet, 2007

Corey Bayliss, 2010

Amy Percosky, 2013

Alexandra Tellez, 2013

Brittany Bate, 2015

Laurel Mattos, 2016

Kelsey Laxton, 2017

American Psychological Association Division 50 Student Poster Award

Lindsey North, 2010

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students David Pilon Scholarship for Training in Professional Psychology Award

Cassandra Bailey, 2016

American Psychological Association Travel Award

Caroline Stroud, 2013

Joshua Camins, 2016

NIDA/NIAAA Early Career Investigator American Psychological Association Travel Award

Cindy Mena, 2013

Scholar Colbourn, 2014

American Psychology-Law Society Annual Dissertation Award (Third Place)

Bethany Young, 2010

American Psychology-Law Society Continuing Education Grant

Joshua Camins, 2015

Joshua Camins, 2017

Jessica Hart, 2017

American Psychology-Law Society Correctional Award

Jennifer McLaughlin, 2014

American Psychology-Law Society Diversity in Psychology and Law Research Award

Krissie Fernandez, 2006

Jason Lawrence, 2017

American Psychology-Law Society Student Section Poster Award

Katrina Rufino, 2009

Stephanie Kline, 2013

Hayley Wechsler, 2013

Hyemin Jeon, 2015

American Psychology-Law Society Student Travel Award

Katrina Rufino, 2011

Amanda Rice, 2014

Alexandra Tellez, 2014

Hayley Wechsler, 2014

Hyemin Jeon, 2015

Claire Bryson, 2016

Natalie Hoskowitz, 2016

Anna Abate, 2017

American Society of Trial Consultants Best Student Poster

Brittany Bate, 2016

American Society of Trial Consultants Annual Conference, Student Research Competition

Jenna Tomei, 2016

Ann Deason Healthcare Scholarship

Kelsey Laxton, 2014

Kelsey Laxton, 2015

Kelsey Laxton, 2016

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Pre-Doctoral Research Grant

Maddison Schiafo, 2017

Chris Hatcher Memorial Scholarship

Jacki Buffington-Vollum, 2000

Heather Hall Ross, 2003

Commendation from the State Senate of Texas for the Work Done with Dr. Brian Allen Relating to Child Mental Health Services

Natlaie Armstrong, 2012

Jennifer Johnson, 2012

Amy Wevodau, 2012

Daniel Lee Mattis Scholarship

Joshua Camins, 2015

Division 18 Criminal Justice Section Dissertation Award

Dana Formon, 2018

H&R Block Foundation Scholarship Award

Amy Percosky, 2010

Goodlark Educational Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship

Kelsey Laxton, 2013

Huntsville Chapter of the American Association of University Women Scholarship Award

Amy Percosky, 2010

Alexandra Tellez, 2011

Alixandra Burks, 2013

Hyemin Jeon, 2015

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology National Psychologist Trainee

Register Credentialing Scholarship:

Beth Caillouet, 2007

Lisa Kan, 2011

Natalie Hoskowitz, 2016

Paul Baer Research Award

Katrina Rufino, 2012

People's Choice Award for Three Minute Thesis

Cassandra Bailey, 2018

Psychologists in Public Service Student Award, Division 18

Cassandra Bailey, 2018

Raven Scholar Recipient

Cassandra Bailey, 2018

Sam Houston State University Graduate Studies Doctoral Dissertation Award

Amy Percosky, 2015

Sammy Award - Outstanding Graduate/Doctoral Student

Cassandra Bailey, 2018

Texas Psychological Association's Diversity Division Student Paper Award

Ericka Ball


Texas Psychological Association Mary Alice Conroy Forensic Scholarship Award

Bethany Young, 2007

Amber Simpler, 2008

Erika Canales, 2011

Amy Wevodau, 2012

Caroline Stroud, 2013

Jennifer McLaughlin, 2014

Paige Harris, 2016

Jenna Tomei, 2016

Texas Psychological Association Outstanding Contribution to Public Service Award

Rebecca Hamlin, 2011

Texas Psychological Foundation Roy Scrivner Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Issues Research Award

Alixandra Burks, 2014

The Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Grant-In-Aid Program

Tess Gemberling, 2014

The Society of Personality Assessment Diversity Grant

Tessa Long, 2017

The Society of Personality Assessment Student Research Grant

Jennifer Boland, 2017

The Society of Personality Assessment Student Travel Grant

Tessa Long, 2017

The Texas State University System Foundation Fellowship

Lisa Kan, 2007