Doctoral Program Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee was formed during the 2016-2017 school year and consists of three student members and three faculty members.  By nature, the work of the committee is organic as we try to respond to psychologically pertinent cultural developments.  Our mission is in line with that of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Diversity Statement (https://www.shsu.edu/academics/humanities-and-social-sciences/chss-diversity-committee/).

Our major goals are to:

  • Draw attention to the ways in which we, as researchers, clinicians, and teachers, can incorporate a greater understanding of diversity into our multiple professional roles 
  • Promote diversity and inclusion among faculty and students of our department
  • Encourage integration of diversity training throughout our curriculum
  • Promote awareness of university and community events related to diversity and inclusion

During our inaugural year, we instituted a diversity-focused interview process for prospective faculty, developed a video project in collaboration with SHSU Online to introduce the program to prospective students, and held a program-wide meeting inviting discussion from the wider program body regarding our goals and activities.  In the coming year, we plan to more clearly operationalize our goals and values, complete the video project and post it on the program website, and overhaul the Diversity section of the program website.

Follow these links to see how we support diversity in: