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Evans, H. and S. Ulbig. "Virtual Social Butterflies and Politics: Exploring the Link between Sociability and Online Political Participation." Forthcoming at Journal of Information Technology & Politics.

Evans, H. "Do Videos Enhance Online Education? Results from an Experiment." Forthcoming atInternational Journal for Instructional Media.

Ulbig, S. "It’s Tea Time, but What Flavor? Regional Variation in Sources of Support for the Tea Party Movement." (with SHSU graduate student S. Macha) Forthcoming at American Review of Politics.

Ulbig, S. "Is Class Appreciation Just a Click Away? Using Student Response System Technology to Enhance Shy Students’ Introductory American Government Experience." (with former SHSU undergraduate student and current SHSU graduate student F. Notman) Forthcoming in The Journal of Political Science Education.


Evans, H. "Making Politics 'Click': The Costs and Benefits of Using Clickers in an Introductory Political Science Course." (2012) Journal of Political Science Education 8(1): 85-93.

Lentz, C. "Individuals' Attitudes toward Public Transit in a Rural Transit District." (with R. Majumdar) Public Works Management & Policy. January.


Carroll, W. "The Committee of Regions: A Functional Analysis of the CoR's Institutional Capacity." Regional and Federal Studies. 21(3): 341-354.

Carroll, W. "China in the Shanghai Cooperative Organization: Hegemony, Multi-Polar Balance, or Cooperation in Central Asia."

Enia, J. "Why Do Civil Wars Occur? Another Look at the Theoretical Dichotomy of Opportunity Versus Grievance." (with Z. Taydas & P. James) Review of International Studies. 37(5): 2627-2650.

Evans, H. "Reflecting on a Decade of Women’s Publications in Four Top Political Science Journals." (with SHSU graduate student A. Moulder) PS: Political Science and Politics. October: 793-798.

Lentz, C. "A Fullbright Experience: Building Relationships with Christians and Muslims with HIV/AIDS in Zambia." The Journal of Public Affairs Education 17(3): 407-416.

Ulbig, S. "The Coingate Effect: The Impact of Scandal on Attitudes Toward State and Federal Political Actors." (with N. Miller) Social Science Journal 48(4): 1-11.

Waggener, T. and S. Ulbig. "Getting Registered and Getting to the Polls: The Impact of Voter Registration Strategy & Information Provision on Turnout of College Students." PS: Political Science and Politics 44(3): 544-551.


Bittick, R.M. "Aspects of Complexity Theory in Liberal Political Thought." Emergence: Complexity and Organization, vol. 12, no. 1, March.

Evans, H. "The Representation of Women in Publication: An Analysis of Political Communication and the International Journal of Press/Politics." (with E. Bucy) PS: Political Science and Politics, April: 295-301.

Ulbig, S. "Voice is Sometimes Enough: Voice, Influence, and the Mediating Impact of Symbolic Representation." American Review of Politics 30: 291-310.

Ulbig, S. "The Appeal of Second Bananas: The Impact of Vice Presidential Candidates on Presidential Vote Choice, Yesterday and Today." American Politics Research 38(2): 330-355.

Ulbig, S. "A Picture is Worth What? Using Visual Images to Enhance Student Engagement and Retention." International Journal of Instructional Media 37(2): 185-200.


Bittick, R.M. "Social Equity, Property Rights, and Public Administrators: A Theoretical Linkage."Public Integrity, Spring.

Enia, J. "The Health of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regmie: Returning to a Multidimensional Evaluation." (with Jeffrey Fields) The Nonproliferation Review 16(2): 173-196.

Enia, J. "Sequencing Negotiating Partners: Implications for the Two-Level Game?" Negotiation Journal 25(3): 357-383.

Ulbig, S. "Engaging the Unengaged: Using Visual Images to Enhance Students' 'Poli Sci 101' Experience." PS: Political Science & Politics. 42(2): 385-391.

Bittick, R.M. "The Democratic Peace Phenomenon, Institutional Credibility and Path Dependency." Symposium issue: "Complexity of Public Policy and Administration." Public Administration Quarterly. 32(3).

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