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Where do I start when applying for Graduate School?

       When applying for graduate education, try to educate yourself on a restricted set of preferred specializations. Graduate school is very competitive and admission committees are less likely to take a chance on you if you are not able to help them determine which faculty members you are likely to work with on research in the future, as there are usually strict quotas for enrollment in each area of study.

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       Choose several schools at which to apply, about 8 is a reasonable number. Honestly take into consideration admission requirements at each location, evaluating for compatibility with your grades and exam scores. Consider factors such as your willingness to live far away from family for an extended time before sending several applications to far away institutions. Choose institutions that have faculty specializing in your interests, and make an attempt to contact these individuals to learn more about their work, and express your interests.

       If it is possible in any way to schedule a face-to-face visit, along with a tour of any laboratory facilities, etc., then this is most highly recommended. Develop the type of relationships with the faculty at Sam, built upon your classroom performance, competency in assistantship positions, dedication to activities of the department (including the SPS), and participation in research. This will allow them to write a very favorable letter of recommendation. Ask the faculty about opportunities for summer programs (REUs) and internships in industry. Ask the faculty to help proof read and improve your application letters. Study early and smartly for the GRE examinations, as these are one of the very few standardized and unbiased tools that admission committees possess for evaluating your potential.

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