Lakennia Cole's Reflection

The Sam Houston Writing Project Online Summer Institute has elevated my knowledge of understanding how writing is approached from various content areas by studying an approach to writing instruction.  The initial lesson help to develop the foundation for what would be obtained throughout the course of the institute beginning with the definition of disciplinary literacy. Revisiting the definition after viewing the process in action gave a clearer view of what and how it should be applied in a real world classroom setting. Observing and evaluating my current planning and implementation of writing within the classroom allowed me to see a need for advance structured writing strategies specifically for each content area. Understanding that a foundation must be built to establish the expectations of writing by getting the administrators and teachers on board to model and guide students in which would include the immersion of writing in their daily routine.

The literature used in the writing project provided an in-depth array of information that supported the instructional guidance for implementing writing across the curriculum. The literature also provide insight on how the infusion of writing impacts the enhancement of students’ knowledge and abilities to learn specific subject matter in order to apply it to their academics learning process. Using the knowledge obtained allowed me to to create a unit of study in a specific content area that I could utilize in the classroom setting. Working through the process by using the live web seminars with the collaboration of my fellows and instructor provided the opportunity to evaluate the focus of the study and ensure effective productivity. The feedback from the instructor was critical to the success of the institute therefore bridging the connection of understanding how to implement the strategies needed for specific content areas. The use of the pre-survey and post survey allowed each fellow to see the strengths obtained from participating in the writing institute. The benefits of sharing and promoting the immersion of writing across disciplinary literacy with administrator and colleagues can promote a change in the structure of writing for students. Overall participating in the online Summer Writing Institute has provided an in-depth knowledge of how to apply writing across all curriculums. The unit of study approach including the framework outlined the steps to implement a systematic way to help students learn more about writings.