CHSS Golf Cart Reservation

Steps for reserving CHSS Golf Cart:

  1. Complete the reservation form and send to
  2. An email confirmation will be sent to you if the golf cart is available.
  3. Please have the Interdepartmental Form in hand upon pickup.
  4. An inspection on the golf cart is required upon pickup/drop-off. 

Rules for reserving CHSS Golf Cart:

  1. Reservation Request Form must be submitted one week before the event. 
  2. Listed drivers MUST BE on the approved SHSU driving list.
  3. The CHSS Golf Cart will not be reserved to student organizations.
  4. Use of the golf cart is limited to business hours, 8am-5pm. An earlier pickup time can be done if arranged prior to the event.
  5. Evening and weekend reservations are available. Arrangements for pickup time must be arranged prior to the event.
  6. The golf cart storage area must be locked between uses. 
  7. If the battery falls below 50% usage please plug it in for the next user.
  8. Please be courteous to others and remove all trash from the golf cart.