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Diversity & Inclusion Event Form

When requesting to host an event, please note the following:

  1. Budget provided is estimated costs. Any amount over the total budget provided for the event must have approval of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair.
  2. Contact Deanna Briones at least 2 weeks prior to the event to discuss ordering food. The Dean’s Office will need to link the order to our account, as well as, seek approval so it is very important not to contact Aramark or any other vendor prior to speaking with Deanna.
  3. If the guest speaker would prefer to have the University pay for the hotel up front instead of being reimbursed, please contact Brittany Johnson to book the hotel at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Should the speaker prefer reimbursement, he/she must book a hotel room on his or her own.
  4. Brittany Johnson will contact you for information required for a guest speaker fee.
    1. Description of speaker's services
    2. Qualifications of speakers for the above services.
    3. Does the speaker work for another State of Texas Institution of Agency?
      1. If the above answer is yes, the speaker is responsible for receiving the signature on the proper paperwork of the other State of Texas President/Agency Head BEFORE the event.
  5. Guest Speaker will need to sign the Authorization of Professional/Consulting Services form (Brittany Johnson will prepare) prior to receiving payment.
  6. If requesting an interpreter, please first make sure one is required. Payment will still be made if an interpreter is ordered even if no guests requiring the service attend.
  7. The LSC requires payment for any events booked. Include the amount in the estimated cost. Have the Invoice for payment sent to Brittany Johnson as soon as possible for payment.
  8. Fliers for the event:
    1. Send the quote from the Press to Brittany Johnson for payment.
    2. Send Deanna Briones the flier as soon as possible to be uploaded to CHSS social media accounts and TVs in CHSS building.

Event Form (.pdf)

CHSS Dean's Office Contacts

Deanna Briones


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