Why do Internships with a Liberal Arts degree?

Students pursuing a Liberal Arts degree traditionally decide to study topics that they are highly passionate about and enjoy. This passion can often lead these students to be very successful during their academic careers and beyond. Although paid internships are often ideal for students, both paid and unpaid internships are highly recommended for students for multiple reasons. Internships can be a great way to pick up marketable and technical skills that may not be inherently taught in their curriculum. Internships can help refine skills learned inside the classroom and put them to practice in real world scenarios, which they can showcase for future employers. Internships can also be an excellent way to get their foot in the door and can often lead to full time positions or connections within the company. There are many benefits to participating in an internship and many employers appreciate well-rounded, experienced students that possess a Liberal Arts degree.

Tips to hunt for Internships:

  • Utilize Jobs for Kats and numerous other job boards to seek out internship opportunities
  • Attend various Career Fairs offered every semester by SHSU Career Services to network and inquire about opportunities
  • Talk with faculty about possible opportunities of which they may be aware
  • Meet with respective internship coordinators based on area of study and career interests
  • Meet with SHSU Career Services to explore internship hunting strategies