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Dr. Kimberly Bell


Years at SHSU: 16

Area of Study: Medieval Literature

Research Interests: Middle English romances and

saint's lives, manuscript studies, and cultural

game theory

Hometown: Milton-Freewater, Oregon

About: Dr. Bell has been involved in Honors since

2004, when she taught her first Honors course

(ENGL 2332: World Lit I). Afterwards, she knew

she wanted to be more involved in honors. Dr. Bell

was thrilled to be named Assistant Director

in 2008 and then Dean in 2015. She has really

enjoyed working with and helping motivated,

outstanding, and truly inspiring students.

phone icon936.294.1437

mail iconkbell@shsu.edu


Dr. Maria Alexander Holmes

Associate Dean

Years at SHSU: 15

Area of Study: Psychology, Counseling,

Higher Education Leadership

Research Interests:  Inclusive Intelligence for

Ethically Diverse Honors Students, Intrusive

Academic Advising and Talent Development for

Gifted Collegians, Gender and Ethnic Differences in

College Readiness, Infusing Emotional Intelligence

in First Year Experience Courses, and Student

Success and Academic Community Engagement.


About: Dr. Holmes devotes her time to counseling,

teaching, and researching gifted collegians. She

holds certification to administer and provide

feedback on Emotional Intelligence instruments.

She is the University Coordinator for the Terry

Scholars Foundation program. Dr. Holmes is the

faculty advisor to the Honors Student Ambassadors

and SHSU's Active Minds chapter. She is also a

contributing author to Case Studies in Higher

Education Leadership.

phone icon936.294.4157

mail iconmaholmes@shsu.edu


Dr. Patrick Lewis

Associate Dean

Years at SHSU: 12

Area of Study: Paleontology

Research Interests: Dr. Lewis researches

various groups of mammals and reptiles

spanning the last 240 million years, and

does his field work mainly in Southern Africa.

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

About: Dr. Lewis served eight years in the

US Air Force before going to school to study

anthropology and anatomy. He has been serving

Honors since 2010 and his primary focus is

organizing the Honors seminars.

phone icon936.294.1406

mail iconpjl001@shsu.edu


Dr. Tracy Bilsing

Assistant Dean

Years at SHSU: 32

Area of Study: 20th British literature, material

culture and sensibility of home front during


Research Interests: Late 19th-20th century

British literature, literature of war, short

fiction, WWI, material culture/popular

culture (specifically in literature of war)

Hometown: Maracaibo, Venezuela

About: Dr. Bilsing earned a PhD from Texas A&M

in 1998, and has taught in the English department

for many years. She joined the Honors College in

2015 as Assistant Dean of Honors. She feels a

distinct pleasure in helping to organize and host

the Undergraduate Research Symposium with

the Honors Ambassadors each Spring.

phone icon936.294.4916

mail iconeng_teb@shsu.edu


Connie Rodriguez

Administrative Coordinator

Years at SHSU: 10

Area of Study: Business Administration

Hometown: Huntsville, TX

About: Connie first joined SHSU in 2008 and

worked for Undergraduate/Graduate Admissions

for 7 years. She has been working for Honors

since 2015. She is currently working towards

earning her bachelor's in Business Administration.

phone icon936.294.4501

mail iconcxr016@shsu.edu

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Lauren Blossom

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Houston, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu


Lindsey Burcham

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Brandon, MS

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu


Shani Gomez

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Engineering Technology

Minor: Design and Development

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Brownsville, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu

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Sean Hamilton

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Accounting

Classification: Junior

Hometown: The Colony, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu


Kayla McCarns

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Forensic Anthropology

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Farmersville, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu


Lucero Nava

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Public Relations & Advertising

Minor: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Austin, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu

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Michael Villanueva

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Major: Criminal Justice

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu


Bethany Leander

Undergraduate Student Assistant

Terry Scholars Program

Major: Interior Design




phone icon936.294.1477

mail iconhonors@shsu.edu

2018-2019 Honors Council
Kimberly Bell, Ph.D.
Dean, Honors College
Rick Bello, Ph.D.
Communication Studies

Maria Botero Jaramillo, Ph.D.

Tamara Cook, Ph.D.
Biological Sciences
Hannah Gerber, Ph.D.
Michelle Hoogterp, Ph.D.
Newton Gresham Library
Barbara Kaminska, Ph.D.
Victoria Lantz, Ph.D.
Brian Loft, Ph.D.
Joyce McCauley, Ph.D.
Kenneth McIntyre, Ph.D.
Political Science
Valerie Muehsam, Ph.D.

Janet Mullings, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice

Benjamin Park, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Wozniak, Ph.D.
Biological Sciences
Pamela Zelbst, Ph.D.

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