Course Override

The following Course Override form should be completed for Course Override requests for students enrolled in any FACS major. Please complete the form, accessible at the link below, in its entirety. Incomplete forms will not be approved.

A pre-requisite and/or co-requisite override applies only to the requirements that are listed in a course description that have not been met.

Please note, only in very rare cases are students granted exceptions to course requirements listed in the description and major plan of study.

If you are a transfer student and the course(s) that are required have transferred but are not being identified in your Degreeworks; please click “other” on the form and provide the reason for the registration error.

A capacity override applies only when a course is full. Students should place themselves on the waiting list for the course(s) before submitting this form. If a seat becomes available, you will be notified when you are on a waiting list.

Use the “other” section for classification overrides or issues that do not fall into the other three categories.

When using the “other” designation, students must be specific in the justification section of the form when describing the reason for your request.

Course Override Form

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