Dr. Dana R. Smith

Dana Smith

Dana R. Smith, PhD, RDN, LD

Visiting Assistant Professor, Interim Didactic Program Director

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

drs081@shsu.edu | 936-294-1245| MLHB 223

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Smith is a general nutritionist who has dedicated her professional career to teaching about the value of a well-balanced diet emphasizing both variety and moderation as key aspects. She has consulted in clinical, foodservice, home health, and out-patient settings. She has taught food chemistry for USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, food classes for Texas A&M University chef apprentice courses, and cooking classes at a local kitchen store. In addition, Dr. Smith was an assistant editor for the book, Biology of Fat in Meat Animals: Current Concepts, and for the Journal of Animal Science and consulted for the National Live Stock and Meat Board and the National Cattlemen’s Association. Her interest in beef in the diet began at a young age in northern Arkansas where her parents raised black Angus beef cattle. Working as a research dietitian, she has helped to document the effects of beef intake on risk factors for cardiovascular disease in men and women. Dr. Smith is an enthusiastic cyclist, spending much time outside on her bicycle; in the last 6 years she has cycled more than 17,000 miles. She enjoys playing classical piano, food preparation (particularly baking), and reading. She and her husband, Stephen, have a daughter and son-in-law, two sons, and one grandson.


  • PhD (Nutrition), Texas A&M University,

  • Combine Dietetic Internship MS (Food Science & Technology), Texas A&M University

  • BS (Dietetics & Institutional Management), Harding University

Professional Experience

  • Lecturer, Faculties of Food Science and Nutrition, Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

  • Instructor, Blinn College, Bryan, Texas

  • Consulting Research Dietitian, Human Dietary Intervention Research Studies, Faculty of Nutrition, Texas A&M University

Selected Publications

  • Smith, D.R., D.A. Knabe, H.R. Cross, and S.B. Smith.  (1996).  A diet containing myristoleic palmitoleic acid elevates plasma cholesterol in young growing swine. Lipids 31:849-857.
  • Smith, D.R. (2002).  Animal models: nutrition and lipoprotein metabolism.  Curr. Opin. Lipidol. 9:3-6.
  • Gilmore, L.A., R.L. Walzem, S.F. Crouse, D.R. Smith, T.H. Adams, V. Vaidyananthan, X. Cao, and S.B. Smith. 2011. Consumption of high-oleic acid ground beef increases HDL cholesterol concentration but both high- and low-oleic acid ground beef decrease HDL particle diameter in normocholesterolemic men. J. Nutr. 141:1188-1194.
  • Smith, S.B., and D.R. Smith. (2014). Chemical and physical characteristics of meat: Adipose tissue.  In: C. Owen, C. Devine, and M. Dikemann (ed.) Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences.  pp. 222-234.  Elsevier Science Publishers, Oxford.
  • Smith, S.B., and D.R. Smith. (2016).  Fats:  Production and uses of animal fats.  In: B. Caballero, P. Finglas, and F. Toldra (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Food and Health.  Vol 2, pp. 604-608.  Academic Press, Oxford.