Welcome to the College of Education Committees and Councils webpage.

This resource is intended to keep all stakeholders informed about the activity of college and unit committees.

By selecting the link for each committee, you can view the purpose, composition, expectations, and reporting structure for each committee.  You also can access the committee roster, contact information for each member, and terms.  This enables you to see who represents your area on each committee to facilitate communication. 

(Note: The chair of each committee is designated with an asterisk.)

Additionally, all agendas, minutes, and annual reports for each committee are included. 

For questions or suggestions regarding the website, please contact Katie Lowe (​), website committee chair.

University Committee/Council Representation

College Committees/Councils

Ad Hoc Committees

Departmental Committee

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • LLSP
  • Counseling
  • Ed Leadership
  • Library Science
  • Teacher Education

Undergraduate Committees/Councils

  • UG Professional Concerns Committee
  • Capstone Portfolio Committee

Graduate Committees/Councils