Timeline for Fall 2015 Accreditation

Transition to CAEP
The Standards
Fall 2015 Accreditation 
Recognized Programs 

DateContinuous Improvement Visit
September 15, 2012
(3.0 years prior to visit)
The unit submits electronic program reports to NCATE through AIMS. The newly designed options for program reports apply
Spring 2014
(18 months prior to semester of visit)
The unit submits to NCATE the dates of the on site visit after confirmation from TEA.
August-October 2014 NCATE assigns a chair person to lead the visit and notifies the unit.
September-December 2014 NCATE provides the names and contact information of the assigned BOE team members who will conduct the on site visit.
September – November 2014
(1 year prior to visit)
The unit submits its institutional report (IR) for review by an Off site BOE Team. Electronic exhibits must also be completed and available to team members at this time.
October -November  2014
(approximately 2 months after IR is submitted)
The off site BOE team reviews the IR, electronic exhibits, and annual reports and prepares an off site BOE feedback report to the unit on areas for concern to be addressed before the on site visit.
January-April 2015
(6 months prior to visit date)
The unit publishes an announcement of the upcoming visit in local news media and on its website to invite third-party testimony.
May  – August 2015
(2-3 months before the visit date)
The unit’s call for comment, third-party testimony and the unit’s responses are made available to the off-site team.
30-60 days prior to the visit begin date The unit emails a draft of its response to the off site feedback report (i.e., the IR addendum) to the BOE team chair for review prior to the previsit.
30-60 days before the visit begin date The BOE team chair, state team co-chair, and state consultant conduct the electronic previsit with the institution.
After the previsit, approximately 30 days before the visit The unit submits its final version of its IR addendum that addresses issues raised in the off site feedback report.
Fall 2015 Visit BOE team of 3-5 persons, including state representative(s), conduct the on site visit to validate that standards continue to be met and follow-up on areas of concern addressed in the BOE off site feedback report. The visit is scheduled for Sunday to Tuesday afternoon.
Within 52 days after the end of the visit NCATE provides the unit the final BOE report.
Within 30 days after submission of the BOE Report The unit submits the institutional rejoinder.
Within 2 weeks after submission of the rejoinder The BOE team chair submits a response to the rejoinder if he/she chooses to do so.
April 2016 The Unit Accreditation Board renders an accreditation decision.
Within two weeks after the UAB meeting NCATE notifies the chief executive officer of the institution, the unit head, and the state agency of a partnership state that the accreditation letter and action report are available. A copy of the report will be mailed to the CEO and unit head.
One month after notification of accreditation decision Unless a decision is being appealed, NCATE sends information on the accreditation decision to the U.S. Department of Education and CHEA. The list is also sent to the chief state school officer and state affiliates of NEA, AFT, and NSBA. It is also published on the NCATE website.

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